At Gaston Eye & Hearing Center, our mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare to individuals of all ages. 

Medical research has shown that vision problems are often associated with the onset of hearing loss.  Since we check your vision on a regular basis, Gaston Eye is in a unique position to assess your hearing on a regular basis as well.  We now offer hearing evaluations by our Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. 

Here are a few questions that will help your physician determine if you may have some hearing difficulty:

Have you had your hearing tested in the last two years? 
If yes, was it normal?   
Do you frequently ask others to repeat themselves?

Do others complain that you turn the television volume too loud?

Do you have trouble understanding on the telephone?

 Do you have difficulty understanding in noisy situations?

Do you have trouble understanding when someone is not looking directly at you?

Does it often seem like people are mumbling when they talk to you?        

Do you avoid family gatherings or other social situations because you cannot understand what people are saying?

If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, you should have a hearing evaluation.

The 1999 National Council on Aging Study reported that hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in the United States, affecting more than 28 million Americans.  The study went on to say untreated hearing loss has serious social and emotional consequences.

Our goal at Gaston Eye & Hearing Center is to provide you with the comprehensive care you need and deserve for both your vision and your hearing.



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